VOLUME 33 (2014)


Kate Narveson.How and Why to Love the Ordinary. 1-26.
Dennis Flynn. Donne and Elizabeth, Countess of Huntington, Revisited: The Evidence of Donne’s Letters. 27-61.
Roger Kuin. Sustainable Energy: Philip Sidney and John Donne. 63-93.
Katherine Bootle Attié. Bound to Know, Bound to Love, Bound to Last: Donne’s Forms of Containment. 95-130.
Steven Adam. “I Their Map”: The Poetics of Medieval Mapmaking in John Donne’s “Hymn to God my God, in my Sickness”. 131-164.
Jean E. Graham. “Wo’is me” and “Ah my deare”: Parenthetical Metacommentary in Donne and Herbert. 165-201.
Sean H. McDowell. Editor’s Note: M. Thomas Hester, Donne Scholar Par Excellence. 203-220.

Book Reviews

R. V. Young. English Crashaw? 221-226.
Theresa M. DiPasquale. Substantial Poetics. 227-242.
Daniel Starza Smith. John Donne’s “Mr. W. H.” 243-250.
Kate Narveson. Complicated Confessions. 251-257.
Allison Machlis Meyer. A Critical Coterie. 259-265.