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The Annual Conference

The John Donne Society 36th Annual Conference will be held
                                8–11 February 2023
at the Lod and Carole Cook Conference Center on the campus of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA.

See left column for links to the 2023 Call for Papers, Program, Invitation Letter, Registration Form, programs from past conferences, and newsletters as they become available.



The 2005, 20th Anniversary Conference

"Old Friends, New Friends, and John Donne Forever"

2005 marked the twentieth anniversary of the John Donne Society conference, which was held at the Lod and Carole Cook Conference Center at Louisiana University. The meeting featured a three-day program, an exhibit of photographs from past conferences, an "edition" of the Donne Conference limericks (Fasciculus Limerickorum), an uncut rendition of the "Donne Variorum Blues," and an awards ceremony at which special recognition was given to the founders and past presidents of the society.  There was, of course, the usual spirited camaraderie at our many "receptions," and the anti-conference was distinguished by an especially prolific outpouring of new limericks and the awarding of a number of "special" awards to various members.

The Lod and Carole Cook Conference Center and hotel on
the State University campus in Baton Rouge, LA.