A Special Issue Devoted to John Donne and the Bible
Edited by Chanita Goodblatt


Chanita Goodblatt. Introduction: John Donne and the Bible. 1-9.

I. Donne’s Sermons

Daniel W. Doerksen. “Holy Love, and Sober Studie”: Donne’s Approach to the Scriptures in the Sermons. 11-28.
Chanita Goodblatt. The Targum or “Chaldee Paraphrase”: Reading as Interpretation in John Donne’s Sermons. 29-57.
Ramie Targoff. Patristic Leaven, or Reading Donne with Coleridge. 59-78.

II. Donne’s Sermons Extended

Caroline Carpenter. Donne’s “Peace of Conscience”: The Bible, Biathanatos, and the Sermons. 79-100.
Maria Salenius. “bring men to heaven by Preaching”: Donne’s Use of Grammatical Voice in the Adaptation of Biblical Narratives of Death. 101-123.
Tessie Prakas.“Therefore is Gods will delivered to us in Pslams”: John Donne and Poetic (Re)form. 125-151.

III. Other Works and Other Writers

Paul Stanwood. Essayes in Divinity and Donne’s Reading of Genesis. 153-70.
Luke Taylor. “Oh my blacke soule”: Donne’s Biblical Metaphors for Sin. 171-92.
Alison Knight. With a Cloven Tongue: Hebrew Double Readings and Donne’s “The Lamentations of Jeremy, for the Most Part According to Tremellius.” 193-212.


Sean H. McDowell. A Tribute to John R. and Lorraine M. Roberts. 213-36.

Book Review

R. V. Young. The Early Modern Discovery of Self. 237-44.